15. Zig

Chapter 14


He closed the door to the parents’ bedroom and walked down the stairs, out of the house. He left them on the floor, knowing where they’d end up with the man in the house. Then he waited for Jake for a long time. When he showed up, he looked real scared, so Zig put his arm around him. They walked off together and left the man in the house. They’d see him later, when he was done. The man must be happy to be out of the room with the strings. First time in almost fifty years he’s been able to really stretch his legs – might as well let him enjoy it.

When the man had fun, everybody else did too. Zig especially. He would have to repay the new kid later on for a good night. Matt Leigh. It’s all thanks to you, Matt Leigh. You let the man out.



Chapter 16

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