31. Kyle

Chapter 30


Smile. Greet.

“Hey, Gret!”

Embrace. Inquire. Compliment.

“How have you been? You look great!”


“Oh, you know. We’re – I mean, just about normal, you know? We’re doing alright.”



Enter. Inspect.

“Are these new? Annie, look at these!”


“Did Jim – I mean, these look amazing!”


“Jim, you in there?”


“Hey there, slow hand.”

Laugh. Respond.

“About usual.”


“You doing alright? You know if there’s anything you need –”

Smile. Smile. Smile. Sit. Inquire.

“Jim, how did you do those in the living room? I didn’t think – you know, it must be hard to paint, I mean.”

Thank. Inquire.

“Annie, you need anything else?”

Ingest. Compliment.

“Oh man. That’s – mmmph.”

Ingest. Inquire.

“Is that thyme? What is that?”



Listen. Respond.

“Honestly? Boring. I’d much rather stay home with Annie. I’m thinking of maybe retiring.”

Listen. Laugh. Respond.

“Yeah, too much light. Shut up, Jim.”

Laugh. Ingest. Converse. Enjoy.



Chapter 32

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