37. Sam

Chapter 36

June 1st


Translated from the original German by Nina Klein, edited by James Parsons

  1. Objects left behind when visiting the hotel persist from visit to visit as long as the objects are left in the rooms and not the hallway. On my third visit to the hotel, I left a notebook and pencil in my room. A second party entered the hotel without me and found the objects where I left them and moved them to another room, where they remained during my fourth visit. Attempts at similar experiments in the hallways met with failure – any markings we left on the walls or floors were gone upon re-entering the hotel at a later date.
  2. I have found two ways to enter the hotel, which I have named the front and back doors. To enter through the front door, one must simply fall asleep. Any dream a person has takes place in the hotel. While interesting, this method has little use for exploration, as dreamers are never in control of their actions. Even users of lucid dreaming techniques are subject to the whims of the unconscious, limiting their ability to make decisions. Only the room in which the dream is set is available to them through the front door – using the hallway or visiting other rooms is, as of now, impossible. The back door allows one to bypass the restrictions mentioned above by entering the hotel while awake. The easiest way I have found to do this is by initiating a verdict with a second party, although motivated individuals can enter without the luxury of a second person. An explanation of verdicts and territory can be found below. Users of the front and back door are invisible to one another except in rare circumstances whose specifics I have been unable to discern.
  3. By any measure available to me, there is no relationship between the time at which one enters the hotel and what time it is inside. Clocks and watches function as normal in the hotel, and time appears to pass at the same rate as it does outside it, but the time differential between departure and arrival seems completely random. Day and night operate on twelve hour cycles irrespective of the time of year – in addition, the season does not seem to change. I have been unable to find food in the hotel short of what I bring with me. To my knowledge, guests in the hotel do not need to eat, breathe, or sleep. My third trip inside lasted more than eleven days without food, and I did not experience any discomfort during that period.
  4. The window in each hotel room overlooks a large field bordered by tall pine trees. Near the center of the field is another tree standing alone. The view from each window is identical, irrespective of which room the viewer occupies. Exiting a room with a south-facing window and going across the hall to a room with a north-facing one will produce the same view. I have been unable to determine if there is an identical but separate field on each side of the hotel or if there is only one field and something else is at play. The stand-alone tree always occupies the same position in the lower-right corner of the window when seen from the door. Looking down from any height in the hotel indicates that the viewer is standing on the third or fourth floor, no matter how high or low the viewer goes. I have been unable to find a way to open the windows or reach the field.



Chapter 38

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