60. Kyle

Chapter 59


see what’s inside.

Awake. Awake where I was. 431 Clover Street. Door shut. Locked. Rules and permissions. Careless. His territory, and daytime besides. Careless. Stupid. Sun is up – 2:00 in the afternoon. Careless. House is off-limits. Get Jim. Tell Jim. Tell Gret. House is off-limits. His territory. Get Jim. Her house was supposed to be safe.

He’s not where we thought he was. He’s not locked in. How is he getting out?

Tell Jim, tell Gret. Nina’s house is empty of them. They got out. They’re at Clover Street, and nobody goes inside.

Be at home. Find Annette. Nobody. Home, safe.

Check on Jim. Safe – okay. Keep going. Be at Coaldale Street. Knock. Greet.

“Nina – Sam, what’s going on?”

Listen. Ascertain.

No Matt, no Stagger Lee. Inquire.

“Where is he?”

Listen. Understand. Respond.

“Are you sure?”

No. Oh, no. Please.

“He’s set up in Clover Street. The Parsons were going there.”

Gret is dead. Too late. Nobody to warn her. Stupid.

Gret is Annette’s friend. Annette knows nobody has seen her. Gret is Annette’s friend – she’ll be worried. Leave quickly, comfort. Hold. She’ll be scared.

“How did he get out, Nina?”

Used the kid. Rules don’t apply.

“How did the kid get out, then?”

Nobody knows.

Gret has to be dead. Jim must know by now.

Nobody to warn her. My fault. His territory, and daytime besides. Careless.

Compartmentalize. Mourn. Move on. Annette.

Thank Nina, leave.

Be at home, wait for her. Embrace, kiss. Comfort.

“It’s okay.”

She’s crying. Gret’s dead.

My fault.



Chapter 61

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