65. Zig

Chapter 64


Zig kept shooting and Matt stood there staring at where Izzy had been a moment before. Zig scanned the room. Empty. The grandpa should have been around here somewhere. He held his hand up, and Matt stopped following him. Zig walked into the house alone. Behind him, Matt knelt down. She was still breathing. He looked up at Zig’s back as he crept, and considered telling him. Rule one was to not make any noise. He looked very hard at Izzy, and wondered if it would be okay to finish her himself. Zig would probably get mad.

Izzy looked up into Matt’s eyes, terrified at what she saw. Delirious.

“Hey Jim!” Zig called. “You wanna speed this up at all? It’s not like you’re going anywhere, gimp! Come on and get it over with! We’re two for three out here! We’re taking out the whole tree, Jim!”

There was silence. Zig smiled.

“You know, there’s a few things I can do to your kid. Just cause she’s dead doesn’t mean much, you know? Same with your daughter, Jim. Same with Gret!” He laughed. “She’s even got an extra hole in her, Jim. Come on –”

The lights went out.

Zig stopped, and listened very hard. There was someone behind him. He turned, shot, and a man’s body fell to the ground with a thump. He moved away from the center of the room and waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. Were there others? The room was quiet. The man had come out of nowhere. Who was he? It couldn’t have been the old man – he couldn’t move. It wasn’t him. The door slammed behind him. He whirled. The girl and the kid were gone. The room was completely dark. He focused and gripped his pistol tightly.

He heard rustling behind him. He turned, and it was still behind him. It was coming from everywhere.

“Hi there,” a voice said in his ear. He turned back to the body on the floor. The one he had shot in the dark, only …

Its left hand was open. In its palm was a lidless and staring eye, and it looked straight at him.

“Found you, Zig,” Kyle Marshal said.

A black tendril pierced Zig’s heart and lifted him into the air. He hung suspended in the middle of the room as blood was drained from his body. His eyes stopped seeing right, and he stopped breathing. The darkness enveloped him. There was a soft crunch as it closed around him.



Chapter 66

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